Panoply LP (2017)

PANOPLY -ˈpanəplē/ -  “a complete or impressive collection of things, a splendid display.”

Panoply is the debut solo release from DEDE- known as the voice of Tiny Hearts (alongside producers Waajeed & Tim K). The album is a collection of her memories, of imagery and sound, funneled into a sonic palette of rich synths, pulsating drums, distant, echoing vocal textures and sweeping melodic journeys. It also continues her signature melancholic, icy voice and esoteric lyrics, along with her stunning visual aesthetic, that she first displayed with Tiny Hearts. Touching on subjects of longing, isolation, loss, sensuality, and identity - the album's lush, electrifying, electronic pop is in a universe of its own.

Panoply is a full collaborative project with producer Tim K, also featuring guest production from Kingdom (Fade to Mind) on the first single, "Faultline", a duet with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear. 

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